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Appointment Issues Posted on 16 May 2022

We know it is still very difficult to get an appointment at the surgery, and that we only allow book on the day appointments.  This is because we should be offering 1050 appointments per week, but due to the difficulty we have had in getting more clinical staff for the surgery, we are only currently offering about 450 appointments per week.

We have recently interviewed and offered full time positions to 3 pharmacists and 2 advanced nurse practitioners for the practice, which will see our appointment availabiity increase to 1150 appointments per week.

We have had to take this approach as nationally there is a shortage of GP's, and we have been unsucessful in attracting any to work at the pratice.

Our pharmacists will be able to help with the following problems:

  • Diabetic management
  • Medication queries and reviews
  • Hypertension Management
  • Minor Illness
  • Complex Medicines Management
  • Care of our patients in Care Homes

Our Advanced nurse practitioners will be able to deal with most simple medical problems as well as:

  • Caring for our patients at the end of their lives
  • Learning Disabiity Patients
  • Respiratory Conditions

By diversifying our clinical team, we will be able to free our doctors appointments to deal with the more complex care patients such as the elderly, patients that have cancer, or are dying.

We will also be training our reception staff to signpost more patients to our local pharmacy partners for minor illness that can be seen by a pharmacist, or to the hub appointments if we are struggling to offer you an appoitnment on the day of your choosing.

Once we have all our clinical team and processes in place, we will be able to resume the booking of appointments online, so watch this space!

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