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Online Appointments Posted on 4 Sep 2023

We are allowing our Patients to book into our online GP appointment slots up to 2 weeks in advance. We are finding that a lot of Patients are utilising this service. Our online appointment slots are for face to face appointments with one of our GP's, so it is important you attend the Practice on the right date and at the right time to be seen. 

We are finding that a lot of Patients book into the online appointment slots, but do not leave any details as to why an appointment is required. This is extremely important information that will help us see trends, but will also allow us to ensure you are booked in with the appropriate Clinician. If you can't attend the Practice face to face, you could also leave a description which would make clear that you require a phone call, but once again, we would require full details of what your issue is, for example: stomach pain (on-going for 5 days), pain in right leg (on-going for 2 weeks), rash on chest (seen Pharmacy and been told to see GP), etc. 

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